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I think it was in elementary school. What is an emperor?
It is a “symbol” of Japan. Huh…
Even if you say so… Do you remember a moment like this from your childhood?

What is an emperor?

According to the Japanese Constitution, the emperor assumes a “symbolic” position, which is determined by the consensus of the Japanese people.

The Japanese emperor has prestige, but no power.
Although prestige generates from long years of experience and tradition,
the emperor’s prominence originates from Japan’s efforts in “deification” of the emperor, otherwise known as “Zoushin Undou”.

Also, the emperor’s family is responsible for acting as the highest body of oracle in “Shintoism”, which is a religion in Japan.
The myriad of Japanese gods, such as mountain gods, rice field gods, restroom gods, and even gods in smartphone applications are all based on Shintoism.

Besides, according to the first article of the first chapter of the Japanese Constitution:
“the Emperor shall be the symbol of the State and of the unity of the People, deriving his position from the will of the people with whom resides sovereign power”.

Although the word, “emperor” may not mean much to foreigners,
to us Japanese people, it signifies more than just a position, but our Japanese Spirit.

By the way, an emperor is an even greater position than a king.

While alive abdication of His Majesty the Emperor

In announcement of the other day on while alive abdication April 30, 2019 of the Emperor.
Is it the new name of an era from May 1, 2019? ?

“The Japanese Government decided an abdication day of His Majesty the Emperor in the morning with April 30, 2019 on December 1”. The Emperor who became 84 years old expressed intention to hope for abdication in the summer of last year at the end of this month when it became difficult to carry out government affairs as the Emperor for advanced age and a health reason. 」

In other words the Crown Prince succeeds to the throne as the new Emperor on May 1. The times of “the Heisei” are over, and the times of the new name of an era begin.

We seemed to often have the abdication in the past during the lifetime, and Taika Reformation hits it with the oldest thing for 645 years in the Asuka era.
The woman Emperor of the 35th, the Emperor Kogyoku were abdicated to the Emperor Kotoku of the younger brother.

The Imperial Household Agency announced an ex-emperor, the Emperor who became the upper empress, the English title of Their Majesties empress on February 25, 2019.
As for the ex-emperor, the empress is Her Majesty the Empress Emerita in His Majesty the Emperor Emeritus

In addition, an Imperial heir of the succession to the Imperial Throne order first place,
His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince same as the Crown Prince


To summarize,

the emperor is the person who wishes for the happiness of all Japanese people.
In other words, the emperor’s job is to pray for the peace of the country, and for the well-being of the people.

Are you interested in knowing more about the emperor?

I would love for you to know more and think about the Japanese emperor.
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